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The Shalom To Your Heart Project

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

Now after John was put in jail, Yeshua came into the Galilee, Proclaiming the Good News of God. 

“Now is the fullness of time,” He said, “

And the kingdom of God is near! Turn away from your sins, 

And believe in the Good News!”

Gospel Of Mark Chapter 1 Verse 14 TLV 

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Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship

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About The 

Pro-Nomian Movement

Books Worth Reading

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The Gospel Of The Kingdom

Markers On The Spiritual Timeline

Animal Sacrifices And Divine Sacrifice

 119 Ministries

Which Veil? 

119 Ministries 

The Kingdom Now

"No Other Foundation: 

Yeshua's Five Fold Ministry"

Norman Willis

"The Genius Of The Five Fold Ministry"

Daniel Kolenda

The Kingdom Come

"Secrets Of Paradise"

Perry Stone

'Secrets Of Heaven"

Perry Stone

Getting To Know The God Of Time And Space

Songs For The Kingdom Come

"Oh Glorious Day' Casting Crowns

"God Of All My Days" Casting Crowns

Written Resources

"Journey Of Desire"

By John Eldredge

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"The Post-Millennial Return"

By Norman Willis

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"Chronicles Of The 

Sacred Mountain"

By Perry Stone

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"The Bible Among 

The Myths"

By John Oswalt

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"Opening The 

Gates Of Heaven" 

By Perry Stone

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"Secrets From Beyond 

The Grave" 

By Perry Stone

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